Our Story

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Our Story

"The Story We Share
And the story is mine, the story is ours.
If we open our ears, we can hear
A story that grows with the passing of years
Made of our laughter, struggle and fears.
The story we share, the journey to there
Is happening here."

Used with permission from Peter Kearney and the album Growing with God 

Cana Farm

We opened Cana Farm in 2011 and it is an integral part of Cana Communities' mission.

Cana Communities was established in 1975 as a place of welcome to meet the needs of people on the streets.

Cana's mission is to care & support those people who suffer from illness, addiction and homelessness and are struggling to integrate into the community.

The Farm offers a safe place to belong in a positive community. We offer extensive outreach opportunities, education, life skills and community involvement. The farm is a place of belonging  which provides opportunities to be involved in constructive projects which the community are then able to enjoy the benefits together.

Cana Enterprise is a separate Not for Profit entity, which was later established as an extension of Cana’s mission to employ the people within our community who need it most.